Sneaky looks like he’s from the Sims 3 LOL

Can I just wear all the scrubs and not be a nurse? Pre-clinical paperwork is killing me and it’s not even that late. I just want to go to bed. :(

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haha why would you make a list?? if it makes you feel any better i've done some of those things and even more uncomfortable stuff and i think everyone does. you're a regular human being, you don't need to be "fixed" or anything. you're lovely!


LOL thanks yo! I just felt terribly stupid after losing my glasses today (it’s a good thing I can see pretty decently without them), and I just started thinking about all the dumb stuff I did this school year and ended up remembering a bunch of them haha. It’s all good though, this list makes me a bit mad at myself but it makes me laugh too hehehe. You’re lovely too, I bet! :)

I’m some kind of derp

I’ve been really out of it this school year. Here is a list of dumb shit I’ve done so far:

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did that game just happen




"Like Alice in Wonderland who falls through a rabbit hole into a strange realm, or Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who follows the yellow brick road, Chihiro, together with her parents, walks through a tunnel-like passage and across a dry river bed, into a realm characterized by disorientation, ambiguity and a sense of otherness."

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when you drift with someone, you feel like there’s nothing to talk about

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So I haven’t really played ranked at all since doing my placements and those 2 ranked games before s3 ended (which resulted in me getting demoted hahaha). But I got into my promo series yesterday and lost 2 games today LOL. Gosh I lost so much LP for failing my series. And then the Garen from the enemy team said that it took him 7 promos to finally move up a division. Yikes. The grind ahead though.

Yo I just want to get to gold (or, realistically, back into silver 2 LOL) before the break ends, but welp

sux to suck :p

o ya, happy new year! :) I totes thought today was the 30th hahaha


by: Fannie Schiavoni for: Alexandre Vauthier

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Disneyyandmore’s Screencap/Gif challenge (Inspired by THIS)

↳#10 songs: Don’t stop the music! Ten songs of ten.

"These songs inspire me to get up and dance, sing, or just plain brighten my day. So many more I wish I can add."

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix objects (x)

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince London Premiere

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skyrim + candlelight 

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